Kiss me until the sun shines, and

Kiss me until the rain falls, casts

a spell upon us, until you’re breathless,

Hold me while this kiss lasts.

Hug me tight, I’m falling in reverse,

Hug me please for I need you now.

I am lost, I know I

ruined this, don’t ask me how.

Cover me with a blanket and sleep with me,

I bury my face in those soft palms;

I’m cold and unsure,

Cover me until realization dawns.

Faraway on a hillock you stand,

Far away death tolls.

Elation, not euphoria, come quick,

For I die in this graveyard of souls.


Published by: Jash

I write, taking into consideration the photographic memory of the various lives I've seen around me. What I write isn't only something time has shown me, in my life and others', but also a segment of lunatic imaginative ideas, fascinating ; yes, but also a sway from a daily ideal routine, for peace to those grey cells, which always try to accomplish the impossible, into a world where nothing is impossible...

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