Another Fairy Tale.

A tiny boy searched and scoured the town,
kept trying, kept crying, kept falling down.
He was ragged, and whipped and belted outside,
unkempt hair and no one on his side.

A tiny girl walked the town,
and the princess gave the boy the crown.
For he now rose, in power and in light,
but hurt the poor girl, gave her a fright.

For she wasn’t aware of what he was,
a demon as a tiny boy he was.
And his destiny was to ruin her life
not just a spouse, then the aisle, then wife.

What happened next was spectacular to behold,
she took his hand, which was freezing cold.
And passed on her warmth to him, and goodbyes
for she was an angel in disguise.

The tiny boy still searches and scours the town,
keeps trying, crying and falling down.
Searches for ways to revive his love,
The one with the ring on the head,
and wings of a dove.


Published by: Jash

I write, taking into consideration the photographic memory of the various lives I've seen around me. What I write isn't only something time has shown me, in my life and others', but also a segment of lunatic imaginative ideas, fascinating ; yes, but also a sway from a daily ideal routine, for peace to those grey cells, which always try to accomplish the impossible, into a world where nothing is impossible...

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