The Last Lullaby

Take a breath and close your eyes,

I hate it when my baby cries;

I will paint your nails and dry those eyes.

Protect you from all those silly lies.

Steal you from the world and run,

No one will ever harm you, hun;

I promise to never leave your side,

hold my hand in this roller coaster ride.

Saying this she stared at him.

His eyes though closed, had tears to the brim;

she got him pastries, cookies and milk.

His skin was still as soft as silk.

I told you not to drive me mad.

Boy, you make me so sad;

the red liquid flowed a stream from his heart.

It’s never known what love can do from the very start.


Published by: Jash

I write, taking into consideration the photographic memory of the various lives I've seen around me. What I write isn't only something time has shown me, in my life and others', but also a segment of lunatic imaginative ideas, fascinating ; yes, but also a sway from a daily ideal routine, for peace to those grey cells, which always try to accomplish the impossible, into a world where nothing is impossible...


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